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Installing Permanent Outdoor Year-Round Lighting!

We are proud to offer the revolutionary Gemstone Lights products that bring style, ambiance, and convenience to your spaces. The customizable LED fixtures, controlled effortlessly through your smart device, provide a seamless lighting experience tailored to your preferences. Explore our range of Architectural Lighting solutions designed to transform residential and commercial settings with a touch of sophistication. Say goodbye to the hassle of seasonal lights with our permanent holiday lighting options, bringing joy and festivity to every occasion.

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Residential Exterior Lighting

Unitec Electric proudly offers GemStone's residential track lights, the epitome of style and functionality. With a sleek and adjustable design, these track lights enhance any residential space, providing focused illumination and highlighting key areas.

Flood Lights for Landscape Lighting

Transform your space instantly with stunning lighting options that effortlessly reinvent your environment. Embrace each season and occasion with LED landscape flood lights, allowing you to customize the perfect ambiance. Experience a welcoming atmosphere every day as you arrive home to the landscape flood lighting of your dreams.

Commercial Track Lighting

Illuminate Your Business with Permanent Track Lighting! Gemstone Lights' commercial track lights energize your brand highlighting your uniqueness, all from a smart device. Increase visibility, outshine competitors, and create captivating displays indoors or outdoors. Manage multiple properties flawlessly with centralized control and customizable permission.
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Unitec and Gemstone Lighting: A Collaborative Alliance for Unmatched Lighting Solutions

Unitec is proud to be a Platinum Authorized Dealer of Gemstone Lighting, bringing unparalleled lighting solutions to our valued clients. Gemstone Lighting's commitment to exceptional design and cutting-edge technology perfectly aligns with Unitec's dedication to providing our clients with the best products and services in the industry. Our partnership allows us to offer homeowners, businesses and builders access to lighting options that surpass expectations and elevate spaces to new heights. By providing our clients with Gemstone Lighting's high-quality products and our expert knowledge, we ensure a seamless experience and unmatched results. At Unitec, we are excited to bring the brilliance and sophistication of Gemstone Lights to our clients.

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