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Unitec Electric's utilities underground infrastructure division is a positive contributor to the development of modern communities. With their cutting-edge technology and expertise, they have played a pivotal role in building and maintaining underground electrical infrastructure systems. Through the delivery of innovative solutions, they have optimized the performance of underground utilities with enhanced efficiency and safety.

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At Unitec, we specialize in connecting homes to reliable power sources through our underground infrastructure. Collaborating closely with developers, we ensure a seamless and efficient installation process to deliver a secure and top-quality electrical network for communities.


Our comprehensive approach ensures that businesses have a solid foundation for efficient operations, empowering them with a secure and technologically advanced infrastructure. With a focus on safety, speed, and reliability, our team seamlessly installs electrical systems, including hydro, audio/visual systems, and security systems.


Unitec Electric understands the critical need for 100% reliability in agricultural facilities, particularly for the care of livestock. Our expertise lies in setting up underground infrastructure that ensures the efficient operation of essential systems such as lighting, ventilation, and feeding equipment.
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Unitec Electric: Partnering for Excellence in Underground Infrastructure Projects

Unitec Electric's Underground Infrastructure Division is dedicated to partnering for excellence in every aspect of underground infrastructure projects. We work closely with custom home builders, developers, contractors, and homeowners to ensure seamless collaboration and exceptional results. By leveraging our expertise and industry-leading solutions, we deliver top-quality underground infrastructure solutions that meet the unique needs and specifications of each project. Through effective communication, meticulous planning, and precise execution, we strive to exceed expectations and provide superior value to our clients. With Unitec Electric as your trusted partner, you can be confident in the successful completion of your underground infrastructure projects, from start to finish.

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